Javier Adarraga
Gold Medal
Basque "handball". Paris 1924

Club Deportivo Hernani

Gipuzkoa, Basque Country Spain


    I would like to acknowledge here my most sincere appreciation and thanks to the several sports writers that dedicated their professional endeavor to exalt the sporting achievements of the Adarragas under the title The Adarraga Sports Dynasty”.

    I’ll mention the names of Roberto Pastor, Aitor, among others, from KIROLAK.

    Tito Irazusta who has written several articles in different magazines including the one published by the CLUB DEPORTIVO HERNANI with the occasion of the “Bodas de Plata (1940 – 1965; 25th anniversary).
   Tito, by the way, is now the soccer editor of the
“El DIARIO VASCO” newspaper of San Sebastian. And there are many other articles in several newspapers and magazines that I have taken the liberty of using for my inspiration.

    To Evaristo Gonzalez "Matxain" Humble (in his dedication) author of  an  excelent treatise of the de "80 Years of athletics in Hernani".

They all made  excellent summaries of the Adarraga-Gorrochategui and Erice-Adarraga of the first generation, the pioneers of sports in the Basque Country; and of the Adarraga-Elizaran, and Perez- Elizaran, of the second. All of them are hernaniarras.

     Of Irazusta-Adarraga, also hernaniarras; of the Adarraga-Almirall (the Australian Catalan-Basques); the Adarraga-Diesel (the Galician-Basques); the Adarraga-Schmid (the Suisse-Basques) and the Adarraga-Morales (the Galician-Basques) of the third.

     There are also budding sports people (Andalucian Basque and Extremeño-Basque) in the 4th generation.

    And finally and not least, I want to acknowledge the excellent professional guidance of Chris Le Roy of One-on-One Personal Computer Training  www.1-on-1.biz. of Townsville who made possible the launch of this, “The Adarragas” Website.

    Thanks once again.

   Cheers! Alegria! Osasun!

   “The Adarragas


Fernando Adarraga
Pole vaulting: National recordman

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Familia de Luis Adarraga
A la vuelta de Misa por los Tilos
Jose Luis, Luis, Benita, Agustin (de espaldas) Bernar, y Margarita y Fernando. Faltan otros 7 hermanos .