Luis Adarraga

(grandfather)Champion of the first "Tour" of the Basque Country

Juan Luis Irazusta
(brother and nephew)

. First Division Soccer Player Real Saragossa's goalkeeper


 Ramon Adarraga

Engineer by profession, participated in several sports, while student in Madrid. According to his peers he was an outstanding sportsman and a popular student. He joined the national ranks in  800 and 400 m steeple

   Susana Irazusta-Adarraga


Customs and traditions are hard to change.  Maria Adarraga Gorrochategui was pestered by the townsfolk because she rode a bike “like a man”, an activity which in those times only men were seen to do. The cleric joined in her criticism.

    Carmen Adarraga Elizaran, one generation after, was able to freely enjoy riding a bike but could not attend university like her seven brothers nor could she compete in athletics. These activities were unbecoming for a Basque lady. The same applied to her four sisters.

    It took another generation for Susana Irazusta Adarraga, daughter of Carmen, to break the taboo and to attend university and to practice athletics.

    In a chemistry laboratory there are reagents which are very difficult to dissolve, no matter how much stirring or mixing you do. But if you leave it standing overnight, you might get a nice surprise next morning. It seems from the above, time is a most welcome factor, not only in chemistry.

    There are more discriminations of genre, in the Basque tradition that hopefully time will “dissolve”.

   Let’s read below what a third generation Adarraga lady has achieved:

    Doctor Doña Susana Irazusta Adarraga, professor and vice-Dean (Pedagogy) in the “Instituto Vasco de “Educación” Fisica” “Professor of Euskera” (Basque Language) (IVEF),

   At the early age of 15 she was elected:


    The following year, she signed with the “Club Athletic de San Sebastian” and won:

           Runner-up in National championship in two modalities

            National Open Champion of 4 x 400 m.

            National Open Record of 4 x 800 m.

            Bronze Medal, World University Cross-Country Championships

            Bronze Medal, World Open Cross-Country Championships (Madrid, 1982)

   Her best performances were for the 400 m hurdle (1 min. 7 sec, 4/10), and the 1500 m. (4min.28 sec 0/10).

   Susana is married to Rafael Ortiz de Urbina, a great golf specialist who won the Spanish team Golf championships, with Chema Olazabal as partner.

   Rafael graduated in “Empresariales”, he decided to dedicate his golf talent to train Basque rookies from his” Basozabal Club”, where he is Master and Professional coach.  Interestingly, one of these youngsters, Ivan Irazusta pleasantly surprised his mother and his father coach by winning a place in the prestigious “Peugeot Golf Tour” for aspiring young professional players.

    The continuity of the Adarraga Sport Dynasty is assured.





Carmen Adarraga

National Basketball Team


three brothers

Bernar, Jose Luis, Juan Bautista
three brother in Berazubi, Tolosa. Gipuzkoa. The  "H" stands for CDH.
Spanish National Champeonships


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Jose Luis Adarraga-Gomez (nephew)

Spanish Champion and Representative