Battitt catches pneumonia. He would be about 16 years old, and he was a good cornet player and therefore the army sergeant -- Hernani was still “occupied” by Franco’s Army --  asked him to play “reveille” every morning. He had to play from the “San Juan Bautista” parish church bell tower, at 6:00 am. on the dot. As they were in winter time and Juanba climb the tower light dressed, he caught a serious pneumonia.

   I remember him in the red bedroom (for the colour of the walnut furniture). He had constantly the company of the family doctor, Don Pablo, his parent and brothers. One night, more than a week later, Don Pablo addressed my parents with the following words--_I remember it as if it were yesterday: Look! If he makes the night, he will be all…!!!

   Next morning Juan Bautista was sitting in bed, having chicken soup and a glass of champagne, for breakfast.  I should make the comment than penicillin was yet unknown as a medical wonder (although discovered by the Scottish Fleming in 1929, it was not until the 1940+  when the Australian Florey applied it use to medicine).

   And from his sporting adherents that I’m going to describe below, the pneumonia left him no sequela.