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Luis Adarraga's Trophies

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Luis Adarraga
and family
in Adarra
desde izq.de pie: Ramon, Julita , Juan, Jose Luis,
sentados: Luis  (padre con perra La) Carmen, Margarita y Juan Bautista

This is an English translation of MARCA’s “LA MEDALLA DE ORO, A LUIS ADARRAGA” Article (7 April 1965, in Spanish)


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The Secretary General of the “Movimiento”, following the recommendation of the  National Delegation of Physical Education, has honored with the Gold Medal to Mr. Luis Adarraga-Gorrochategui, who was an outstanding cycling champion, soccer player and mountaineer in the first decades of our century and has been a continuous promoter of sports.

    In the family atmosphere, he transmitted palpably this great interest to his 12 sons, that have added to our amateur sports outstanding success, specially Juan, cycling and pelota champion that died in war action during our Crusade; Carmen, captain of the national basquetball team and of various others sports of provincial selections.; Jose Luis, national recordman of athletic Penthalon; Juan Bautista, Olympian and national recordman of steeple chase and middle distance runs.; Bernardino, member of the Spanish Olympic Committee, recordman of Pentathlon and Decathlon, and Fernando, pole vaulting recordman”.