Ramon Adarraga
Engineer by profession, participated in several sports, while student in Madrid. According to his peers he was an outstanding sportsman and a popular student. He joined the national ranks in  400 m hurdles and 800 m.

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Ana Mari, daughter of Ramon, was an excellent swimmer. She won at 13 years of age the River Urumea crossing (San Sebastian, Basque Country, 1944)


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At rhe triumphant finish of the Alava Country Road Championship (1914)

Ramon Adarraga-Gorrochategui

   Ramon, the third of the Adarraga brothers was like them an enthusiast sportsman who would tackle any sport. He was like his brother Jose an excellent cross-country runner. And like Luis, he cycled and played soccer. He won the cycling championship of Alava in 1914.

   He studied Engineering in Madrid and soon became a popular sportsman and student. He joined the "Real Gimnastica" of Madrid and was outstanding in soccer, cross-country and athletics. Because of his lively character he became also a popular student. He was awarded the “Socio de Merito” (Meritorious Member).

   He played with the Castillian soccer selection. He was runner up in the Español 400 m steeple chase and 800 m.

   Like his brothers, he was a versatile, outstanding athlete. The "Real Gimnastica" honored  him with "Socio de Merito" medal.




Gold Medal and Record "Juegos del Meditarraneo" (1955)


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In his excelent and powerful stile, winning the 800 m.race in the Castillian championships.


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Ramon, second from the left, in a challenge match remonte basquet vs. pala.