>Javier Adarraga
Gold medal
Paris. 1924


Basque pelota court
"Javier Adarraga"
of Logroño. Rioja


Rafa Montoya Adarraga
Like father, like daughter, like grand-son.

Matilde Adarraga Rezola. emulated her father Javier Adarraga in sports. She married Dr.Rafael Montoya Sáenz  and raised  three children: Rafael (Rafa) industrial engineer, Javier, traumatologist doctor and Matilde (Duca) architect. She loves sky and car rasing.and won numerous races which his trophies collection testify.In 1972 she was elected "the Best Sport-person of La Rioja". Congratulations!

Rafa, as a god adarraga, is in love with sports, and at his 37 years of age, after testing his stamina in several long distance running races, he decided to try the marathon 42.195 Km. and he finnished it.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Maratón:

22 April, 2012


Rafa Montoya Adarraga
Yesrterday, 22 04 2012,
run the Madrid
¡¡¡4 horas 4 minutess!!! 

               ¡¡¡the first marathon runner of the family!!!



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          Juan Bautista       Adarraga 9

  Olimpian.800 & 1500 m.


JoséLuis Adarraga-Gómez

 National and Internacional champion

 "La Zapateira"
La Coruña (Galicia)