Luis Adarraga

First Basque-Navarre Tour

cycling champion(1922}

>Javier Adarraga
Gold medal
Olimpiad, Paris 1924


Susana Irazusta

Excelent athlete in  several specialties

Matilde Adarraga Rezola

Matilde Adarraga Rezola. emulated her father Javier Adarraga in sports. She married Dr.Rafael Montoya Sáenz  and raised  three children: Rafael (Rafa) industrial engineer, Javier, traumatologist doctor and Matilde (Duca) architect. She loves sky and car rasing.and won numerous races which his trophies collection testify.In 1972 she was elected "the Best Sport-person of La Rioja". Congratulations!

Her father,Javier Adarraga Gorrochategui won the gold medal in the Olimpic games  (Paris 1924) her son, Rafa is the first marathon runner ((Rock 'n' Role) Madrid Maratón (2012) in the family.


Tuesda, April 11, 2006

Motorist  Niké.
Well, gentlemen, I ...  they say I drive cars very well. They said it so many times that I have come to believe it. If there were any doubt, seeing the photographs that my son Rafael has selected for my "blog", has come to resolve it, although it has made me to rememorize nostalgically. "I can't believe I made so many things. ..."

But let's start with my little automobilist history, noting in the first place that the major promoter was my father, Javier Adarraga Gorrochategui. The first vehicle I handled was a bicycle in which, as in all, the heart and legs were the engine. The fondness to cycling has always been "leiv motiv” of the Adarragas.

At 9 years of age I handle, and very graceful, a Mobilete; after I could ride in that Italian prodigy called Vespa (I had two). Then I got a Lambreta that made my journeys longer and less subject to family control.

After the Lambreta, I turned to practice with family cars, and at last! I had my own car: I will never forget that mini Lo-25051, so brave! That gave me so much joy and triumphs, among them I will pointed out my most important ones.

• "The good appearing” in Ampuero,
• Clavijo,
• Arnedo,
• Nieva,
• Bilbao,
• The Rasillo,
• Rally de La Rioja,
• Valvanera
and as a colophon, the Bilbao-Davos.

I could not run the Paris-Nice, but everything will come. I hope that in this wonderful moment I will have the accompany by my good friend and excelent co-pilot Maite
Sáenz Gamarra, with whom I traveled so many miles.

Rafael's remark: For me, gentlemen ..., as as driver, I drive very badly; like
the goats I only like cars that pull the mountain. To me (you will excuse me) I like poetry, so I like the picture heading this writing, this picture is a poem to this new goddess of victory, NIKÉ, who with her gaze encourages us to increase our sweetness to the look at the world and your glorious smile makes this our world its most devoted lover I say nothing of the tie, as this would require some eleven-syllable verses, well measured, to build a happy sonnet











     Bernar Adarraga
       Gold medal and        recordman "Juegos del Mediterráneo" 1955.



Runing  800 m. Castilla Championship.  Champion


Agustin Adarraga
pelotari (1959)
Receiving the trophey from Tiburcio Aguirre Lord major of Hernani