Manuel Adarraga
(alias "Txokolo")

International in Rugby

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Luis and Jose
(on bicycles)

As usual, Luis and Jose helping CDH cross-country runners.

From left: Luis, Juan Bautista, Luis, Alejandro Arrospide, Jose Luis and Pepe


Bernar, Jose Luis and Juan Bautista
in Berazubi, Tolosa. Gipuzkoa.
Spanish Championships The "H" stands for C.D.Hernani

          Manolo Adarraga-Elizaran

  Manuel Adarraga-Elizaran, Jose’s son, Rugby international, was champion of Spain with the “Atletico de Madrid” and founder of Hernani Rugby Team. He also played soccer and run cross-country races, becoming champion of the “Vuelta a los Puentes” race in 1946. (Itor: La Fabulosa Saga de los Adarraga. KIROLAK, Num 85 – March—1979)

  Manolo (“Txokolo”) was one of the 20 double cousins, Adarraga-Elizaran (fathers were brothers and mothers sisters). We all lived in the same house, shared the same chocolate factory, cider manufacturing, corner shop and “Tea Room” where we served cooked chocolate with “volau”, sponge fingers and butter (a real delicacy in those times)

   The bicycles that we rode to “Sagrado Corazon” school in San Sebastian (10 km trip) were kept in the same garage or on the stairs’ landings, when we returned for lunch. We went together, on summer holidays, to Elorrabi to swim in the Urumea river, some in grand father's Construction trucks, some on bicycle, others running. And we had a private “fronton” by the factory.

   On holidays from school or University, we had to assist, in turns, in the factory, cider production or cake making, if you could not find a suitable excuse to avoid it. I’m telling al this to impress upon you the common life we all carried out as the “family”. And logically we, the cousins were in pair according to age. My partner was Manolo. He was 6 month younger.

   “Txokolo”. Why Manolo of all 20 cousins was the only one nickname with reference to the chocolate (txokolate). I still don’t understand it. But if you go to Hernani and ask anyone for Txokolo, you will realize there is only one.

   Cross-Country runner. Just like his father and brother Luis, Manolo was an excellent runner. He ran individually and as a member of the CDH team. While a student, he won the popular “Vuelta a los Puentes” (San Sebastian) that started and finishes in Amara.

    Rugby Union Player. After schooling (Baccalaureate) he went to Madrid to study Industrial Engineering and he fell in love with the game of rugby in which he excelled. Playing with the “Atletico de Bilbao” he became Spanish champion and he was selected in the National Team.

   After finishing his studies he returned home and spent time promoting the game among Hernani’s youth. He was foundation member of the Hernani Rugby team.




 Jose Adarraga (father)
Jose (Pepe) cross-country runner, was the youngest brother of the Adarragas. He and Luis studied Commerce in Orthez (France) in preparation to take over the chocolate factory 

Antton Adarraga
with his dog "Li"

National Champion.


Maria Millan-Iboleon
at 14 years of age,
Spanish Open Raid Championship winner.