Antton Adarraga (son)
with his dog "Li"

National Champion


Manolo Adarraga (son)
(alias "Txokolo")

International de
Rugby Union



José (Pepe) was the youngest brother of theAdarragas. He and Luis studied Commerce in Orthez (France) in preparation for the taking over the running of the Chocolates Adarraga and Patisserie business, from their father Don José. It later included the production of cider.

    In the mean time, Javier and Ramon, as university students of Engineering, had more time on their hands, and could pursue more ambitious projects. Luis and Jose had to work six days a week which gave them very little flexibility. Still they managed to make themselves noticed.

Outstanding cross-country runner Like Ramon, Jose was an outstanding cross-country runner, but he was more interested in creating a sporting infrastructure to administer and promote sport in the town. His vision was soon put to practice and with a few friends he gave birth to the “CLUB DEPORTIVO HERNANI”. This vision and the example of his brothers was the catalyst that made Hernani a centre of sport excellence in the Basque Country and in Spain. He was its first president in 1940 and he steered the club until 1949.

Olympic Rings. In 1948, under his direction, the Club incorporated the Olympic Rings,  earn by one club athlete, his nephew Juan Bautista Adarraga Elizaran, when he participated in the London Olympic Games (1948).

He married Tomasa Elizarán Ugalde, sister of his brother Luis, also born in Hernani. Of his 8 children, two gained national and international rank, namely Antton and Manolo (Txokolo)



"Pepe" Adarraga
founded and was first President of CDH. He incorporated the Olympic ring into the shield


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       Luis and José
             (with bicycles)

As usual, Luis and Jose supporting CDH cross-country runners. From left: Luis, Juan Bautista, Luis, Alejandro Arrospide and Jose Luis