Luis Adarraga    (father)
Winner: first Basque Country Tour
sport's pioneer

Jose Luis Adarraga


National Champion and Recordman. Pentathlon
Golf pioneer among the Adarraga



   José Luis Adarraga Gómez, fourth generation athlete of the Adarraga Sports Dynasty, wins 3 Golds of Golf, in the following Championships:

1-. Spanish University Golf Championship
The  II Golden Cup of Galicia  and
3.-.Mediterranean Games.

1-. Spanish University Championships
Jose Luis  wins brillantly the Spanish University Golf Championship, celebrated in "Real Club de Campo
de Malaga", last April.

2-. The II Copa de Oro de Galicia

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Jose Luis Adarraga Gomez imposes himself in the “II Golden Cup of Galicia final.

 The final day of the “II Copa de Oro de Galicia”, had been played during the whole day, in the “Club de Golf de la Coruña”. The bad weather had caused  the game to slow down in some of the 18 holes of the local field.

 Sometimes the field of la “Zapateira” was covered by fog and the rain was also a companion of the finalists for some time. The first group commenced at 12.30 pm. From that time onwards, every 8 minutes and in groups of three, went starting all and each of all the seventy two finalists which started the competition. The three players with best results on Friday were the last ones to start: Miguel Diaz, Jose Luis Adarraga and Joaquin Nieves.

 The emotion to triumph in this second edition was maintained until the last hole. Finally, the great favourite, Jose Luis Adarraga of La Coruña, triumphed after overcoming the 2 strokes of disadvantage with which he commenced on his Saturday play. He did not have it easy because Miguel Diaz of Asturias, from the “Club de Golf Castiello”, did not slack off at any time. At the end, Jose Luis won by two strokes.

 The concluding play, followed by a great number of spectators, finished almost in darkness, which demonstrates the concentration with which the favourites had to play, taking almost 6 hours to cover the 18 holes of the La Coruña field.

 With today’s victory Jose Luis Adarraga (A Coruña 1983) made good all the predictions y won the “Copa de Oro de Galicia. According to the Tournament Rules, the player who wins it 3 alternative times or two consecutives, will keep it permanently, which the player from La Coruña has achieved, he will be able to exhibit the Copa de Oro de Galicia de Golf in his already well stocked display cabinet

From: http://www.golfspainfederacion.com/

    3.- Mediterranean Games.

 Comité Olímpico Español
Juegos Mediterráneos. Almería 2005: Golf

Complete Spanish sweep with 4 Golds



 Jose Luis Adarraga Gomez, Gold Trophy

This is the second Gold in the Mediterranean Games for the Adarraga Sports Dynasty. Jose Luis emulates Bernardino Adarraga Elizarán, his grand-father's brother who the Decathlon, in the Mediterranean Games of Barcelona., the first ever Gold Medal won by an Spaniard

Reference: www.coe.es

:Congratulations José Luis!

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Jose Luis Adarraga-Gomez

National Champion and Representative

 "La Zapateira"
La Coruña (Galicia)


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Wedding in Madrid

 Grandmother Mercedes (centre) and Mari-Carmen (widow of  Jose Luis Adarraga Diesel)
Ignatius's (right) Wedding