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Handball-11 players

National Championships

Starting from the right: Antton, first in front row.
Agustin, his cousin,
from the right, third standing

Amara. San Sebastian

 Txokolo Adarraga

        Internacional     rugby player irugbru


Pepe Adarraga
excellent  Cross-country runner. Foundation member and first President of the "Club Deportivo Hernani"

Antton Adarraga Elizaran  

 Hunting. Like good Basques, the Adarragas are very fond of hunting, mainly, feather game and for it, we teach dogs to chase set and retrieve. The Setter Laverack and pointers being the most popular. We also go boar hunting with pig-dogs. The "12" shot-gun is the gun of choice.

 Antton was different. Of the 20 brothers and cousins, he was the only one that abstained from drinking alcoholic ones. His strongest drink was lemonade. Last year, I had the opportunity to confirm that after some 45 years he has not changed his habit.

 Handball. When young, we both played in the CDH handball team (11 players) and one year we played the semi-finals of the National Championships (in "Thantxila", Hernani), against the "Real Sociedad" of San Sebastian. The match was very close. The referee conceded the other team a ghost goal. We lost 1 - 0 and were thus, eliminated from the final.

National "set and retrieve" hunting dogs Championships. Antton biggest sportive merit was his and his dog Li win of the National championship of set and retriever hunting dog.   She was beautiful and it was a delight to watch her at work.

Before the publication of this page, and while a was holidaying in Hernani, I asked Antton  if it was true what my brother Juan Bautista told me, about a curious incident at the end of the competition.

It goes like this: Antton had won the competition and was about to pick the dog when he overheard people talking about the bitch. "Yes, the dog works and retrieves well but she is a bit hard of mouth (meaning that the bitch would destroy the quail).

Antton called the dog and facing the group ask the bitch for the quail. She deposited the quail that still had in her mouth in his hand and opening it let the bird fly away. No more comments, except that Antton was relishing himself while confirming the story.





with his pointer "Li"

National champions of
set and retrieve dogs.


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Luis and Jose
(with bicycles)

Typically, Luis and Jose coaching the CDH cross-country runners 
From left: Luis, Juan Bautista, Luis, Alejandro Arrospide, Jose Luis and Pepe

Ramon Adarraga
Polifacetic athlete