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Iturrigoxo (Adarra)
From left: Luis, Juan Bautista, Jose Luis, Margari, Luis and Tomasa

Luis Adarraga
 First "Basque
Country Tour" .

  Welcome to the English Section of the

 "Adarraga Family Website".

The Adarragas Sports Dynasty Saga has been well documented by several newspapers and magazines. Since then, there have been further developments in the second and third generations. Also we have introduced to you a fourth generation. Not all is going to refer to sport. We like the Family Side too.

    The Adarragas are a truly global tribe. Originating from Hernani, the Basque Country, its branches have extended to all of Spain, Europe and around the world. My sons and daughters insisted that I had to record the history of their grandfather, Luis Adarraga Gorrochategui, before it was too late.

   The main initiative correspond to Ignacio Adarraga Almirall who purchased for me the latest update of FrontPage software, so that I would have no excuses with any HTML coding problems.

     I will try to be as truthful as I can but being the No 11 son in the second generation, many of my accounts will necessarily be of second hand. If you know better or would like to contribute with criticism, comments, stories etc and/or contribute with your family account of events, please go ahead. 

    My special thanks go to all those who are or will contribute, directly or indirectly to the birth and maintenance of this website.

    Finally but equally important, the website will have to be written bilingual, namely Español and English (I might even try some of it in Basque) otherwise I would miss half the family.

Cheers! Alegria! Osasun!
The Adarragas"

Photo-Album of all athletes of the Sports Dynasty. All of them have conquered a national title or have represented Spain.

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Adarraga Sports Dynasty  



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From (L) clockwise: Jose Luis, Emma, Menchi, Austin jr, Juan Bautista and Maria Rosa


     Carmen Adarraga
      Basketball Champion