"Toro Bravo" (Bullfights)

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Helping the kids near the summit of Adarra  

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Con los del Pozo. Avila al fondo

The Villa de Hernani


   Welcome to the News of the Adarraga Family.

Celebrating Rhys
Messenger Adarraga's Birthday

Rhys celebrated his birthday last Sunday with a big party for his friends.

Trip to Australia. 2007

This year, Ignacio, Esperanza and their son Alex and grandpa Antonio decided to visit us. They travelled with the THAI air company and  arrived in Sydney in March. Aafter a couple of days they flew to Townsville, our city, where they established their base. From here we travelled to various beautiful points further north.

North QLD with its tropical forests, its sugar cane and mangoes fields, the islands and the beaches with fine sand and an ideal climate, is a paradise. The Japanese, who own several businesses in the area, appreciate it the most.

On their return trip they flew to Brisbane where they spent several days with Austin's family and nephew Christopher, visiting amongst other spots, the internationaly popular Gold Coast. They returned to Madrid from Brisbane again with with Thai Airlines.

This is the second trip for Ignatius and his family. He has a soft spot for Townsville. Of the 5 brothers and sisters, he is the only one born here.

We visited:

·    Sydney

·    Townsville

·    Billabong

·    Green Island

·    Kuranda

·    Port Douglas

·    Magnetic Island



New record:my good friend and valiant nephew, Ricardo Adarraga Schmid, bits again his Spanish record  of ski speed (kilometro lanzado) He reached  212.14 km/h. My congratulations Champ!

Speed Masters 2007. Les Arcs
(France Ski de Vitess)

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 New triumph of Jose Luis Adarraga Gómez in the Madrid Open Golf.


 Sara Buhigas Torres: 16 July 2006
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Enrique (Henry) Adarraga Rüger

I have  received an SMS from my nephew Ricardo, from Heidelberg, to notify me that Anke gave birth to Enrique (Henry) Adarraga Rüger (3.700 kg and 50 cm.) And that both, mother and son are in excellent health. Enrique (Henry) is their second son (Gorka the skier, is the firstborn) and the sixth of the Adarraga-Schmid tribe. Grandma Emma travelled from Madrid to assist to the event. As soon as I  get more details and some pictures, I'll publish them.
Our warmest congratulations!!!!

The other two births in Madrid are: 

Bosco was born on the 13 October 2005.
Beatriz was born on the 27 November 2005.

Our warmest congratulations!!!!

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For Bosco                           For Beatriz


Trip to Spain 2005


Another golf player of the 4th generation of the Adarraga Sports Dynasty makes professional golf his future career. He is Fernando Adarraga-Martinez, of La Coruña, who received a scholarship from the Real Federacion Española de Golf, to train in the prestigious "Residencia Blume" of Madrid. .

He is the second grandchild of the great champion, Jose Luis Adarraga-Elizarán of the second dynasty, who was the promoter of golf in the family of La Coruña.

Congratulations and good luck!












"Getaria's" mouse (BasqueCountry)


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"San Miguel de Aralar"
with Laureano Perez Alustiza


 Basque Country's  


   Donosti, San Sebastian